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Welcome to Bosch Farms Direct (BFD), your premier representative and contract sales and services provider for cannabis brands in Oregon. With us, you get more than a distributor; you get a partner committed to elevating your brand and maximizing your market share. From inventory management to logistics, sales, and marketing, our robust services are designed to help your business grow and thrive in the competitive cannabis industry.

Inventory Storage & Management

Our licensed and insured facilities are secure, temperature-controlled, and fully equipped for efficient order management. Our Pick & Pack and Fulfillment services ensure your products reach the market seamlessly.

Transport & Delivery

We offer regular route schedules, prompt and consistent delivery services, and full visibility of delivery cycles, ensuring statewide coverage.

Sales & Marketing

We establish retail networks, create in-store presence, manage vendor & brand events, and leverage network marketing to drive your brand's visibility and sales.

Brand & Product Consulting

Looking to launch a new brand or refine an existing one? Our experts provide insight on product development, packaging design, and concept ideation, propelling your brand to the forefront of the market.

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We use the Marjin platform for real-time networked inventory and fulfillment. The app offers visibility on inventory packages, orders, and transfers across the network as they are happening.

If you are a licensed operator, can join Marjin for free here.

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