We partner with leaders and innovators to move the industry forward.

We are proud to partner with leaders who are recognized as best-in-class and support the industry through our participation and support of the CIAO and OCA.

Our Operating Partners

We have a strong relationship with one of the leading operators in the state.

"Russell is a professional and delivers consistently. I should know, Russell reported to me as the head of our Sales organization before branching out on his own. We are proud to support BFD with the operational platform we provide them."

Leiann Stephenson
Founder & CEO
The Dub Wholesale

Along with The Dub, we are a premier partner on the Marjin network. We use Marjin's real-time and network-connected inventory platform to keep our partner Brands compliant and keep all supply chain partners informed, reducing error rates and churn while providing a superior customer experience.

Marjin's networked Inventory is free for all licensees. You can use code BFD23 for a 30-day trial of their Premium plan, which includes advanced order, fulfillment, and reporting features.

Download the Marjin app or go to the web app here.

Industry Associations

Bosch Farms Direct

Bosch Farms Direct, LLC
5100 SE Harney Dr
Portland, OR 97206

(503) 403-8832